Medical Foot Treatment at Home
in Carlisle and Surrounding Areas

Aidan Walsh BSc (Hons) studied Podiatric Medecine in Durham, he now has over 17 years experience in both the NHS and as a private practioner. Dedicated to providing high standards of personalised care, Aidan is pleased to treat a wide range of ailments, aiming to help his patients maintain their lifestyle, by keeping them on their feet. Aidan is a fully rigistered Member of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists (MChS) and the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

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Podiatrist house call, providing clinic quality treatment, with the comfort and ease of a home visit; in Carlisle, Wetheral, Brampton, Longtown and Newcastleton

Podiatry Home Visits
Near Carlisle

The majority of common foot complaints requiring medical assistance, can be safely and effectively treated in the calm and comfort of your own home, without the need to visit a clinic. Appointments are available for patients in Carlisle and surrounding areas; including Wetheral, Brampton, Longtown and other nearby locations in North Cumbria and the Borders. Get a free ring back to find out more.

Your Podiatrist will ensure you recieve the best and most cost effective care at home in Carlisle.

Private Medical Fees
and Payments

The usual cost of an appointment (including initial assessments) is upto £35. Additional charges may sometimes be requested, however this will be based purely on patient need and fully discussed prior to any commitment. Payment is accepted after each appointment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Card payments can only be accepted online with PayPal and will include a 40p processing fee.

A Podiatrist home visit can help keep you out and about around Carlisle.

Booking Appointments
and Consultations

New patients will be given a full podiatric assessment during their first 20 to 30 minute appointment. Regular check-ups typically take around 10 to 15 minues, but longer if medically necessary. Appointments are currently available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To book, simply request a ring back from Aidan at a time which best suits you or call 01228 807188.

Standards of Care & Available Treatments

Whatever the complaint, sometimes it's best for the patient's peace of mind, as well as their health, to obtain a professional's diagnosis and their advice, treatment or reassurance.

  • Skills & Experience

    "I have a wide range of specialist knowledge, gained over many years, from the routine to diabetic care and biomechanics."

  • Medical Training

    "My full 3 year batchelors degree, provided me with a rich background in more general medicine, as well as a specialism in Podiatry."

  • Professional Development

    "I'm driven by both my compassion and professional registration, to continually update my training and expand my skills, to ensure my patients always get the best possible treatment."

  • Podiatrist or Chiropodist

    "They mean the same thing and both of these titles are protected by law. Anyone claiming to provide Podiatry or Chiropody treatment - like me - should be MChS and HCPC registered."

  • Unregistered Practioners

    "Anyone can say they provide 'foot care' services, without necessarily having any medical training or giving you the protection, of being registered with a professional body."

  • Clinical Treatment at Home

    "I'm happy to come to you, when it's most convenient and will do whatever I can to improve your foot health; because I know how important your mobility and comfort are to you."

Common Treatments

The majority of medical foot problems, which are not resolved by 'over the counter' remedies, can be effectively diagnosed and treated by a podiatrist during a home visit. Some of these include: corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails, rashes between the toes, verrucas, fungal nail & foot infections, thickened nail cutting, ankle pain, prescription insoles and many more.

Routine foot and nail care, diabetic assessments and discounts for multiple patients within the same home, are also available.


You can request that Aidan call you back for free, at a time that suits you best, by simply providing your name and number. Voicemail is also availavle when busy treating patients and while out-of-hours or you can send a message by using the email form.

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MChS and HCPC Accredited Podiatrist